Welcome to my blog!

Hello there, and welcome to my blog where I’ll be posting gluten-free baking recipes, as well as regular old dinner recipes, and occasionally some fun drink recipes! I thought I’d make a quick introduction post to start everything off and allow you to get to know me! My name is Margaret Peckenham, and I am 21 years old, fresh from a Culinary Arts degree at my local community college. While I’m trying to figure out what to do with that degree, which is particularly hard in the job climate right now due to COVID-19, I figured I would start up a blog and share old favorite recipes as well as new creations. I’m currently a waitress at a local restaurant, which is keeping me quite busy for now. When I’m not working, I’m usually exercising Webster, our blue heeler puppy, or I can be found whipping up recipes in the kitchen. I’m currently working on a gluten-free baking cookbook, which is proving to be quite the task but I’m so excited for when I’ll finally be able to publish it! I hope you enjoy my posts and stay tuned for some fun fall recipes coming up!

Our little family!

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