Banana Cream Pie

When Thanksgiving season rolls around each year, I make sure that this pie is on the table. This recipe is quite simple but absolutely delicious, and makes a great addition to the dessert table. If you want a simple contribution that everyone loves, Banana Cream Pie is the way to go.


•1 8-inch pie plate

•Small sauce pan

•Double boiler

•Whipped cream, for decoration



•1 cup granulated sugar

•2 Tablespoons gluten-free flour mix

•4 Tablespoons corn starch

•1/2 teaspoon salt

•2 medium bananas, peeled and thinly sliced.


•2 cups milk, scalded

•3 eggs, separated

•1 teaspoon vanilla extract 


1.) In a small bowl, combine 1/2 cup of the granulated sugar, the gluten free flour, and salt.

2.) Then, add the scalded milk to this mixture, stirring constantly. Cook in the top part of a double boiler, stirring until it becomes thick.

3.) Beat the egg yolks with the remaining sugar, then add the thickened mixture to the egg yolks.

4.) Return the mixture to the double boiler and cook for another 5 minutes.

5.) Remove from heat and let cool, then add the vanilla.

6.) Layer the bananas around a prepared graham cracker crust, (pg.). Then, pour the cooled filling over them, and decorate the top with whipped cream, and the remaining banana slices.

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